Save yourself valuable time and the enormous effort required to find a suitable tenant for your property – let us do the work for you. We offer everything you need to lease your property profitably, long term and worry free, from marketing and screening interested parties to managing showings and handing over the keys. 

Our services at a glance: 

  • • Advising the lessor and preparing the property
  • • Performing market analyses (e.g. determining the rental price and target groups)
  • • Creating property flyers
  • • Marketing the property with professional photos
  • • Marketing the property in real estate portals
  • • Managing inquiries, preselecting interested parties, running credit checks
  • • Conducting showings
  • • Preparing the rental agreement and being present at its signing
  • • Handing the property over to the tenant and preparing a detailed handover report
  • • Offering our existing clients favorable leasing conditions (with a commission of just one month’s net rent instead of the usual two or three, plus 19% VAT)